Smart window covering solutions that enhance everyday life, simply with a touch of a buttom

Shade In Style - Smart & Electric blinds

Modern Living At Its Finest

Electric blinds and tracks are the first step to making life at home more comfortable and convenient. By adding a touch of connectivity, light and heat intensity are optimised at all times without having to think about it. Turn your roller blinds into electric smart blinds and enjoy the comfort that Somfy offers.

Innovative concepts and smart appliances are designed to integrate seamlessly into homes, helping with daily routine and everyday scenarios. Motorised blinds and curtains tracks conveniently revolutionise how we manage light and privacy. When motorised blinds or tracks are connected with smart devices, they create a safe, comfortable and a more energy efficient environment.

Energy Saving

Maximise heat retention or keep interiors cool - while home or away.     


Motorised blinds enhance child safety with the elimination of cords.     

Smart Home

Smart living with voice control options when paired with smart home controls.

Why Somfy?

Somfy’s WireFree™ motors run on a battery that is concealed in the roller tube or the housing. That means no wires, and the optional rechargeable battery lasts a long time. You can control the blind or curtain track using a remote control.

Complete Comfort And Control

Homes are becoming "smarter" with the integration of smart devices, apps and innovative gadgets created for almost all elements of the home. 

Smart home integration is simple with the Somfy TaHoma Switch or Connectivity Kit. 

Manage Somfy motors from your smartphone. The Somfy TaHoma Switch or Connectivity Kit allows you to integrate control of your home’s automated features. 


The hub builds a connection to the users wifi router enabling control of Somfy motorised blind or track. Easily connect and control your motors and lighting products from the TaHoma Switch by Somfy app, individually or grouped together.


The TaHoma Switch or Connectivity Kit is easy to install and directly connects to your internet router. When connected with smart home devices, set timers to control your blind whether you are at home or away.

Complete Comfort And Control

Alexa, Google Control & App

Compatible with nearly 300 types of home   products (from Somfy and the biggest home   equipment brands), TaHoma enables a   seamless Smart Home experience. It also allows users to control their home   devices by voice with the addition of a voice   assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

For the ultimate in control the Tahoma home hub allows you to control multiple motorised blinds or other Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) enabled products throughout your home from a smartphone, tablet, computer, Apple Watch (IOS & Android) and Home Automation device (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, If This Then That IFTTT).

The Somfy TaHoma allows you to centralise control of your home's automated features. Compatible with expert partners and more than a hundred different Somfy products, our smart home system lets you open your blinds or switch on your lighting all from your PC,
or using the Somfy TaHoma app on your smartphone or tablet, or using your compatible home automation
system such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Somfy Connectivity Kit

Connectivity Kit enables you to centralise, control and program RTS connected interior blinds, curtains and lighting – when connected to your internet router. You have access via the dedicated TaHoma by Somfy app on your smartphone for easy control of your connected products at home or away.

The Connectivity Kit is compatible with your Somfy powered blinds, tracks, Philips Hue lighting, Google Assistant,
IFTTT and the Somfy Plug in receiver.

Smart Electric Curtain Track

Electric curtains are the first step to making life at home more comfortable and convenient. By adding a touch of connectivity, protect your privacy and provide you maximum indoor comfort at all times without having to think about it.

Whether you are waking up, working from home, or settling into a quiet evening, your curtains open, adjust and close silently, ensuring a perfect balance between natural and artificial light. The natural light in your home is soft and constant throughout the day for your greatest visual comfort.

Designed for silence

The opening and closing of your automatic curtains is almost silent and is well controlled by the Somfy motor. This protects your curtains against heavy use and ensures that they last a long time.

Touch motion function

If you pull the curtains gently, this activates the motor, which then does the rest.

Types of blinds, the most popular and perfectly suited to automation

People love roller blinds for their sleek, timeless look, which is perfect both at home and in the office. Electric roller blinds fitted with Somfy motor are also very quiet and easy to operate in a variety of ways.

Wooden venetian blinds have a classic and timeless look. A Somfy motor lets you adjust the angle of the slats or combine the tilting action with the raising and lowering of your electric Venetian blinds.

Roman blinds have a classically attractive look that goes well with both modern and traditional homes. The large horizontal pleats fold neatly away when you raise the blinds and are perfectly suited to motorised operation.

Honeycomb pleats are stylish, modern and versatile. They are often used for conservatory windows that are often hard to reach. Adding motorisation that allows you to open and close pleated blinds remotely is the smart and logical solution.