Elevate your space with our elegant white Roman blinds. Crafted from premium materials, they exude timeless allure, allowing natural light to create a soothing atmosphere. Their versatility seamlessly complements various decor styles. Redefine your home with our blend of timeless elegance and exceptional functionality.

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White Roman blinds are beautiful window coverings that can be used in every room in your home. As they come in a range of stunning white shades, you'll find blinds to suit every decor style. A Roman blind is made of fabric and lies flat when fully closed. The blind is designed to fold neatly and evenly when pulled open.

Bespoke Roman blinds are designed to fit your windows perfectly. When you order your blinds from us, you can choose textures, shades and patterns to match your home's decor. Pick white blinds to add freshness and light to a room and cheer up a darker space. Choose white Roman blinds for the bedroom, living room, hallway, or bathroom - you cannot go wrong with these versatile window coverings.

Bright and Light Roman Blinds

Add a little lightness to your room by choosing white curtains and blinds. This pale shade will complement most styles, from traditional to minimalistic and everything in between. If you have a dark room, white will lift the gloom even when the blinds are closed. For a space filled with busy patterns or colours, a plain blind will tone things down a little. We offer off-white curtains and blinds in a selection of shades, such as oyster, pearl, frost and ivory, so you can find the exact colour you are looking for. With every tone of white on offer, you can select the length, width and backing you need to ensure a perfect fit.

Patterned White Blinds

Our white curtains and blinds are offered in a choice of plain, textured and patterned fabrics. You can select a subtle leaf pattern or a floral fabric with tiny blooms. There are several geometric designs, too, with various shapes to pick from. Each pattern is cleverly designed to enhance your room without overwhelming it.

If you prefer a plain colour blind with a texture, take a look at the linen-style Roman blinds in our collection. These add interest to a room while blending seamlessly with other patterns. A textured or plain fabric works exceptionally well if you install blinds alongside white curtains in your window.

Recessed or Outside Roman Blinds in White

Our made-to-measure Roman blinds come in a choice of fitting. You can select to install your blinds inside or outside the window recess.

Recess white Roman blinds are neat and provide an uncluttered style. They can be fitted in the same window as curtains to offer privacy and filter the light. If you want your blind to fit inside the window recess, measure the recess gap for the correct height and length. We have a handy step-by-step guide available to help you measure accurately for the perfect fit.

Exact Roman blinds fit on the outside of the window recess. These are ideal if you have a shallow recess or want your blind to fold above the recess when fully opened. You can also make a small window appear larger if you install exact blinds.

What Decor Blends Well With White Roman Blinds?

Bespoke white blinds offer a blank canvas, so they fit well in any decor. To create a cottage feel, you can add white Roman blinds to pretty florals. Ivory blinds in a luxury fabric will enhance a dreamy bedroom and give you an extra layer of privacy. In the kitchen, the neutral shade will match your cabinets and provide a clean, pristine finish. Of course, for a home office, blinds in white add a no-fuss style to the windows that will suit a working environment. Plus, if you decide to change your décor one day, white goes with everything, so there is no need to fit new blinds.

White Blackout Blinds

Our tailor-made Roman blinds are lined to add strength and quality. When you choose white Roman blinds, you can opt for a standard light-filtering lining that will reduce the amount of sunlight coming in. If you want to block most of the light from outside, pick our blackout lining. Blackout blinds are ideal for bedrooms.

Motorised White Roman Blinds

Electric Roman blinds open and close automatically and can be the ideal window dressing for your home. You pick the white fabric you want to match your decor, and we add the motorisation. If you have high up or hard to reach windows, then motorised Roman blinds are the go-to solution. Using remote control, you can easily control your blinds to let in as much or as little light as you require. Motorised Roman blinds are perfect for homeowners with mobility difficulties - there is no need to get up from the chair to operate them.

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Why Choose Our White Bespoke Roman Blinds?

The charm of white curtains and blinds is that they match everyone's style with ease. Unlike ready-made options, our bespoke Roman blinds fit every window perfectly. You have total control over the finished blinds - you can pick plain, patterned or textured fabric, choose the lining and select a right-hand or left-hand control chain. Simply give us the measurements, and we will do the rest.

When you choose our Roman blinds, you know that the finished product will be handmade with care. You can design every aspect of the blinds yourself to achieve the exact look you desire. Don't forget that you can order a free sample swatch to help you decide the right fabric for your windows. Buy the perfect pair of white Roman blinds for your home today.