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Upgrade your home's ambiance with our innovative Day & Night blinds. With a simple pull, switch between two stunning looks – a solid block of colour and a contemporary stripe pattern. Whether you desire ample natural light or crave a tranquil, shaded space for a peaceful night's sleep, these blinds have got you covered.


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Day and Night Roller Blinds

Day and Night blinds are a revolutionary concept in window treatments that provide both privacy and light control. Unlike traditional blinds, they feature two layers of fabric that can be adjusted to control the amount of light.

Choosing the Right Window Treatment

Windows are an essential aspect of any living space, providing natural light and ventilation while adding an aesthetic appeal to the interior design. Modern window treatments such as day and night roller blinds have become integral to home decor.

By simply sliding the layers over each other, you can switch between a sheer and opaque fabric to suit your needs throughout the day and night. This flexibility makes them an excellent choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces where you need to control the amount of natural light entering the room.

Ready to give your home a modern, refreshing upgrade? Sit back, relax, and let Shade in Style help you elevate your decor with Day and Night roller blinds.

What Are Day and Night Roller Blinds?

Day night blinds are a modern take on traditional blinds. They are made up of two layers of fabric that can be adjusted to control the amount of light that enters a room. During the day, the sheer layer allows natural light to filter through, while the opaque layer provides privacy. Both layers can be closed at night to block out light and provide complete privacy.

Versatile Light Control

Blinds offer versatile light control options due to their two-layered design. During the day, the sheer layer allows natural light to filter in, while the opaque layer provides privacy. Both layers can be closed at night to block out light and provide complete privacy.

Energy Efficiency

They can help regulate the temperature of a room by blocking out sunlight during the hot summer months and providing insulation during the winter. This can reduce the need for artificial heating or cooling, leading to lower energy bills.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Blinds are easy to clean and maintain, as they can be wiped down with a damp cloth or vacuumed using a brush attachment. They do not require frequent washing or dry cleaning, making them a convenient choice for busy households or offices.

Stylish Window Treatments

Shade in Style blind collection combines style and functionality, making them a popular choice for modern homes. They can be customised to fit any window size or shape and come in a wide range of materials, colours, and patterns.


They provide the perfect combination of privacy and light control, which can be hard to find in other types of window treatments. This can be especially important in areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, or offices where privacy is essential.

Shade in Style's Blinds

We offer several types ofday night blinds. Our most popular options include the following:

Classic Roller Blinds

The Classic Day and Night Roller Blinds are popular for their simplicity and functionality. They feature a sleek, two-layered design for versatile light control and privacy.

Cassette Roller Blinds

Cassette Roller Blinds offer an extra layer of insulation and style with their sleek, enclosed cassette design. They are a great choice for those looking for maximum privacy and energy efficiency.

Motorised Roller Blinds

They offer ultimate convenience and style with their motorised design. You can easily control them with a remote or through your smart home system, making them perfect for hard-to-reach windows.

Styling with Blinds

Here are some ideas for incorporating Day and Night roller blinds into your decor:

Minimalist and Modern

For a sleek, minimalist look, choose blinds in a neutral tone, such as white or grey. This will allow you to control the room's light while maintaining a clean and streamlined aesthetic.

Cosy and Traditional

If you prefer a cosy, traditional look, opt for a soft, warm colour, such as beige or taupe. This will add warmth and texture to the room while providing light control and privacy.

Colour and Pattern Options

Day and Night blinds come in a range of colours and patterns, so you can choose the perfect style for your space. Choose from laid back tones of white or beige or vibrant hues like red, blue, and green to add a pop of colour to your room. Patterns can also create a sense of depth and dimension in your space, making your windows a focal point.

Modern Style that Suits You

Whether you're looking to create a cosy and traditional space or a sleek and modern one, look no further than Shade in Style Day and Night roller blinds. Our expert team will help you find the perfect blinds for your space, and our high-quality products are sure to provide years of style and function.

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