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Window treatments are a vital part of interior design. Their primary purpose is to provide privacy and control the amount of light that enters the rooms. Certain window coverings are also designed to block the sun's UV rays and make your home more energy efficient. Regardless of your objectives, it is crucial to choose window treatments that align with your functionality and aesthetic needs.


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Among the many options available today, eyelet curtains emerge as an exceptional choice, offering a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to this seamless blend of style and practicality, this type of covering has become a go-to choice for many modern homeowners.

What are Eyelet Curtains?

Eyelet curtains, also curtains eyelet, refer to a type of window covering designed with metal or plastic rings sewn directly to the material so the rail can run through the fabric at the top of the curtain. These rings are known as eyelets, and that's where the style gets its name.

In recent years, eyelet curtains have garnered immense popularity at the expense of traditional styles, such as pencil and pinch pleats. They have a lot of similarities to these conventional styles; however, their deep folds in fabrics that run from the top to the bottom make them a lot fancier and stylish. They also feature a unique hanging mechanism consisting of evenly spaced metal or plastic rings (eyelets) and a rod passing through them.

Although these curtains have a standard design, the materials used may vary from one manufacturer to another. The curtain's eyelets are commonly made from aluminium, brass, steel and plastic, while fabric ranges from cotton and velvet to linen and faux silk.

Types of Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are categorised into two primary types (standard and blackout eyelet curtains) based on their features and functionality. Understanding the difference between these two types is essential as it helps you make a more informed purchase decision.

  • Standard curtain eyelets - As the name suggests, these curtains are characterised by a simple and stylish design. They feature evenly spaced rings along the top edge, giving the style a smooth and uniform drape.

    These standard curtains eyelet are an ideal choice for individuals looking for timeless elegance and simplicity. Unlike blackout eyelet curtains, these are designed with lighter fabric that allows some light into the room. So, if you are in the market for window treatments for your living room or office, you might want to go for these standard types.

  • Blackout eyelet curtains - Blackout eyelet curtains are designs with specialised coating or lining that help block external light from entering the room. Most manufacturers use dense fabrics in conjunction with light-resistant technology to significantly minimise the penetration power of natural light.

    These blackout eyelet curtains are ideal for individuals looking for window treatments for bedrooms or rooms with screens. Besides obstructing light, these curtains enhance privacy, preventing outsiders from entering the living space.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Eyelet Curtains


One of the primary reasons why people install eyelet curtains is their inherent ability to enhance aesthetics in any living room. Whether you choose the standard or blackout design, you get a seamless blend of elegance, style, and functionality that improves the overall outlook of your home.

The standard design offers simplicity that aligns with many contemporary home designs. Its classic look will ensure a long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

Easy Installation

Another reason why people install curtains eyelet is their remarkable ease of installation. That makes the process of dressing windows easier, which enhances the overall user experience. But what are some of the features that contribute to the ease of installation of these curtains:

  • User-friendly design – unlike regular designs, these curtains utilise eyelets to mount the fabric onto the window. That reduces the number of components (rings and hooks) involved, making the installation work more straightforward, even for first-timers.

  • Adjustability – these curtains are also highly adjustable to fit different window sizes. Whether it is a small or a large window, users can easily slide the rod through the eyelets to make quick adjustments.


Versatility is a vital characteristic that makes these curtains adaptable to different interior design themes. They come in various fabrics and hanging styles, showcasing remarkable adaptability that allows users to personalise their space. Some of the most popular fabrics range from simple cotton material to velvet for individuals who want to pay an extra cost for their window coverings.

When function meets aesthetics

When it comes to improving the aesthetics and functionality of your living space, the choice of window treatments plays a vital role. With their timeless and versatile design, curtains eyelets are an ideal choice for many modern homes. However, before you start shopping, it is essential to assess your needs to ensure you buy a curtain that aligns with your lifestyle and complements your existing interior design theme.

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