Indulge in the timeless allure of our exquisite white curtains. Crafted from premium materials, these curtains exude elegance, making them the perfect choice for any room in your home. Experience the beauty of natural light filtering through these pristine curtains, creating a soothing ambiance. Their unparalleled versatility allows you to style your space with creativity and flair, blending seamlessly with various decor styles. Transform your space effortlessly with our elegant white curtains - where timeless elegance meets exceptional functionality.

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White Curtains: The Ultimate Finishing Touch

White curtains create a sense of light and freshness, making a room feel bigger and brighter. Our bespoke white curtains come in a range of fabric choices, from luxurious faux silk to versatile polycotton. With endless options available, you can make your design ideas come to life with sophisticated curtains in white, ivory, or pearl. Perfect for the bedroom or living room, put your stamp on the decor by adding beautiful made to measure curtains customised to your taste.

Light & Airy Curtains

Most people are naturally drawn to light-filled spaces. We enjoy spending time in bright yet cosy rooms, and a great way to achieve that ideal ambience is by fitting natural curtains in the palest shade. Large areas of a lighter tone will help bounce light back into a room - why not use bespoke white curtains to illuminate a dark corner or dimly lit space? For a light and airy look, our white and off-white curtains add a touch of understated elegance to any room. Whether you choose a crisp cotton or a silky satin finish, our handmade curtains effortlessly give your home a sense of quiet brightness.

Floral Curtains in Shades of White

If you’re looking for made to measure curtains in a floral fabric, we have what you are searching for. Our flowery prints are subtle and ideal for a country cottage theme or contemporary decor. Available in any length to suit your chosen style, floral curtains in soft shades of white are gentle on the eye. Our range has other patterns available to blend well with your taste, such as small geometric designs for a more masculine look. With so many different ideas on offer, choosing your favourite fabric will not be easy!

What Colours Work Well With White Curtains?

White is a neutral shade, so it goes well with almost any other colour, but when it comes to bespoke white curtains, what is the best match? You have plenty of different options to choose from.

White on white is a popular decorating choice today. It takes a good eye to get this right, and it is best achieved by using precisely the same shade on the walls and the curtains. This combination creates a very glamorous, high-end style - and it’s not for messy households because it must always be kept clean! We mail out free curtain fabric samples so you can see the shades in situ in your home. That will help you choose the perfect match for your wall colour.

Monochromatic style involves using hues that are relatively close to each other, but are not exactly the same. For example, add off-white curtains to a room filled with soft cream furnishings, pale beige walls, and chalk-painted furniture. Have fun with this look by mixing and matching lots of shades that sit side by side on the colour wheel.

True white has a hint of blue in it, so it is best to blend this shade with other cool colours, such as grey and green. If you want warmer shades in your room, choose white curtains with a touch of yellow or red in the hue, such as ivory.

Complete contrasts is another stylish way to decorate with white curtains. Pairing bright white against a dark charcoal wall or a navy blue alcove can help turn any simple space into a magazine-worthy room.

Bespoke White Curtains

We offer a wide range of options so you can own the white curtains you’ve always dreamed of for each room in your home. Custom your design with the following:

  • Choice of width from 60cm to 520cm - Let us know the width you want, and we create your curtains to fit.
  • Length or curtain drop - For full-length luxury or short-length practicality, our hand made curtains can be produced in any length from 60cm to 350cm.
  • Single panel or pair of curtains - For doors and some windows, you don’t need a pair of curtains, and a single panel will work much better. You have the option to choose exactly what you want from us.
  • Headings and gathers - Put your individual style on your curtains and choose the heading that suits the look you want to achieve. We offer pencil pleats, a double pinch, waves, and eyelets - each heading offers something unique.
  • Lining - Opt for a lining if you want it, or leave your curtains unlined if you prefer. You choose every element of the design.
  • Motorised curtains - If you want automatic curtains that glide open with the touch of a button, then ask us about motorising your choice of window dressing.

Why Choose Our White Made to Measure Curtains?

Curtains in white are the perfect addition to any space, from the dining room to the bedroom. The shade suits a variety of styles and colour schemes and will look beautiful for many years to come.

When you choose curtains from us, you know that the finished product will be handmade with care in the UK. You can design the curtains you want and enjoy selecting the fabric, headings, and sizes that will give you stunning results. And don’t forget, you can order a free sample swatch before picking out your favourite fabric. So what are you waiting for? Buy the perfect pair of white curtains for your home today.