Track Will Be Included With The Curtains

1. Find Width:

Measure the size of the recess and then add 15 cm to 50 cm either side of the window (or on one side when single curtain in use).
This will allow the curtains to be stacked on the side of the window to minimise light leakage***

2. Find Drop:

Measure from where top of the curtain track will be located, to your preference drop:

A: Full length, which is approximately 1 to 1.5 cm above the floor level.

B: Above the radiator, typically 2 to 5 cm above the radiator.

C: Below the windowsill, typically around 15-20 cm.

3. Fullness Of The Curtain:

We manufacture wave curtains to fit a headrail with 8 cm spacing, this gives a fuller wave to the curtains. The wave depth changes depending on the chosen fullness as shown in the chart below. All wave curtains are supplied with curtain hooks already in position and are spaced accordingly to fit the curtain track. We use different spacing between the hooks depending on the chosen fullness.

*** Check that your recess is deep enough to fit the curtains in to, also bearing in mind any obstructions such as handles.

Curtains Type (Depth Required)

Wave Curtains (75 mm)
Pinch Curtains (50 mm)

Eyelet Curtains (75 mm)
Pencil Pleat Curtains (50 mm)

Fullness or Gathering

Once you have entered your curtain pole or track width, we will calculate the amount of fabric required for your curtains. Some headings require more fullness or gathering than others, so these headings will require more fabric, which is reflected in the price of the curtains.
All curtains are made in increments of 1/2 widths:

Pencil Pleat 200%
Pinch Pleat 200%
Wave 150% or 210%
Eyelet 170%*

* You will need an eyelet larger than your pole diameter, to ensure that the eyelets can move freely along your pole.