Showcase Your Window Frame

1. Find Width:

Simply measure the width of the recess in three places.
Enter the smallest distance. Take NO deductions.

The factory will take proper deductions to fit the size window you specify.

Obstructions such as tiles effect the Measurement.
If you have any obstructions measure between these two points, use this as your width measurement.

2. Find Height:

Measure the height of your window recess in three places.
Use the largest measurement as your drop.

3. Find Depth:

Check your window recess is deep enough for the blind to fit inside.
Make sure to consider any obstructions inside the recess such as handles.

If your recess depth is 40mm or less, or the window opens inwards, use an exact fitting.
Please follow the measuring guide for exact blinds fitting. *

* Check that your recess is deep enough to fit the blind into, also bearing in mind any obstructions such as handles.

Blind Type (Depth Required)

50mm Wood/Faux Wood (70mm)
Roller Blind Top-Fix (50mm)
Honeycomb Blinds (With Cord, Motorised) (40mm)

Roman Blind (50mm)
Roller Blind Face-Fix (70mm)
Honeycomb Blinds (Cordless) (25mm)


Provide better shading effect

1. Find Width:

Simply measure the width of the area you wish to cover.
If space allows we recommend overlap the window recess by at least 6cm each side (12cm overall), this measurement will help minimise light leakage.
This is your ordering width and will be the overall measurement of the blind.

2. Find Height:

Measure from where the top of the headrail will start, and the bottom bar will finish.
Recommended overlap (where possible) above and bellow of the recess 7.5cm.