Experience the calming influence of our blue curtains, inspired by the tranquility of the open ocean. Discover a diverse range of shades, materials, and finishes for a truly personalised touch. Benefit from thermal and blackout linings, ensuring energy efficiency and privacy. Redefine your living space with these stylish, versatile blue curtains.

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Curtains in Every Shade of Blue

Add a refreshing new look to your home by adding stylish blue curtains to any room. Blue is known to be a calming colour – a shade symbolising tranquillity and peacefulness. When choosing new curtains in blue, you have a wide range of options, from soft, pastel tones to deep navy or indigo. Whichever shade you pick, your new curtains will instantly enhance the room’s décor.

Why Blue Curtains are the Ideal Choice for Your Home

Blue is a timeless, and it is also very versatile. Curtains in blue will blend beautifully with many other colours, such as grey, cream, mustard yellow and some shades of green. If you want to change the colour scheme in the coming years, you have a palette of shades that will go with blue, so you can keep the same curtains. That saves money in the long run! So, when you choose made-to-measure curtains in a shade of blue, you are making an investment that will stand the test of time.

Add Drama with Navy Blue Curtains

Although paler shades of blue are tranquil and gentle, you can add impact with some deeper versions of this colour. Kingfisher blue is a dramatic colour to play with and goes well with gold accents in a dining room or bedroom. Choose navy blue curtains to add a wow factor to the living room, and add cushions to match for a powerful look. Full-length curtains in blue will always add impact and luxury to any space, especially if made with a generous amount of fabric and a double pinch heading. You can make the curtains broader and longer than needed for a show-stopping look with plenty of charisma!

Blue Curtains for the Living Room

Living room curtains serve more than one purpose. They keep things warm and cosy in the winter and cool and private in the summer. Blue curtains for the living room also add style and interest to the décor.

Blue velvet curtains are sumptuous; the fabric intensifies the colour and adds texture to the room. These are an excellent choice for the main living area in the house, and they also help to insulate and keep all the warmth inside.

Aqua blue and duck egg blue curtain fabric is light and sophisticated in the living room. These lighter shades allow some daylight through, which is especially good for darker rooms that require brightening. These tones complement white emulsioned walls and natural wooden furniture and can give a room a Scandi look.

Blue Bedroom Curtains for Restful Sleep

Use blue in the bedroom for relaxation – the colour helps to calm the mind. Choose gentle shades, such as powder blue or sea foam, to create a soft atmosphere that is easy on the eye. When you decide on bespoke curtains for the bedroom, you can ensure they fit every window perfectly. You can also have them made with a blackout lining for a deeper slumber. And of course, you can choose plain curtains in blue, or ones with a geometric or floral pattern to suit your style.

Curtains in Shades of Blue for Every Style of Home

Whether you want a minimalist style or a country cottage look, you’ll find a blue curtain fabric that will enhance every room. From smooth cotton to silky satin, your chosen curtains will change how the space looks and feels.

When it comes to bespoke curtains, you can select different options to create the exact style you want. Once you have settled on the shade of blue you want, consider the gathering at the top and the lining.

  1. Pencil pleat and double pinch headers provide a neat, tailored look that is perfect for the living room and dining room.
  2. Wave curtains are a little more casual but straightforward in design. This style is ideal for every room in the house.
  3. Eyelet curtains are modern and fun; and they require a metal curtain pole. These are lovely for the bedroom or hallway.

After selecting the gathering style you want, you can decide to have the curtains with or without a lining. Linings provide extra weight and thickness with a touch of luxury. You can also opt for a blackout lining to eliminate most of the light that might shine through the curtain fabric.

How to Measure for New Blue Curtains

We make your curtains to fit your windows in the blue fabric you choose. Once you have decided on the colour, fabric, gathering and lining, you need to let us know the measurements. First, you must measure the curtain pole or tracks – this should be wider than the window. Secondly, we require the drop length, and again, this should be longer than the window. Measure from the top of the curtain pole or track downwards. We offer more guidance on measuring for curtains if required to ensure the perfect fit.

Measuring Curtains - Practical Guide,

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Learn how to accurately measure curtains to perfectly fit your windows. Our step-by-step practical guide will make the process a breeze.

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Order Bespoke Curtains The Easy Way

Revitalise your home with elegant blue curtains in various shades, from serene pastels to striking jewel tones. Embrace the calming influence and versatile charm of blue fabric, balancing aesthetic appeal with functional benefits. We offer a range of curtains in every shade of blue, so you can choose the ideal colour for your home. Purchase perfectly made blue curtains from us to create the exact look you want.